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Gambling in Sao Paulo.

For the first time in Brazil’s history, lawmakers there have agreed to allow both online and offline gambling.

This week’s vote had been scheduled for February 22, but it was postponed until yesterday (February 23). Deputies voted 246-202 in favor of Bill 442/1991, which for the first time since 1946 brought various forms of gambling to Brazil. This law, which was originally known as the “Jogo do Bicho” bill, was first proposed more than 30 years ago and has since undergone a number of revisions that have allowed for the addition of new gaming channels and genres.

In addition to the casino, internet gaming, horse racing, slot machines, bingo, and Jogo de Bicho activities, the measure would allow the establishment of these businesses in Brazil. Integrated resort casinos may now be built in all 26 Brazilian states. Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and Bahia each have the option of up to two casinos under the measure. Each of the remaining states might have its own all-inclusive resort. There will be a bidding procedure in which the highest bidder will get the right to operate a casino. No operator will be granted more than five licenses in total. The licensing price for each licensed casino is BRL$600,000 (£89,100/€106,800/$119,700). Each licensed domain will cost BRL$600,000 for online gambling firms. Bingo and Jogo de Bicho businesses must pay BRL$20,000 per establishment and BRL$20,000 quarterly for each licensed company, respectively. It is possible for the federal government and individual states to provide licenses for online games of chance, but not for betting, which will be controlled independently. Unlicensed foreign websites will be restricted, as will servers for locally licensed gaming businesses that are situated in Brazil, but licensed online gambling will be allowed. In addition to a 15 percent tax on earnings, credit card wagering will be forbidden.

Additionally, the measure would allow for the establishment of SINAJ, Brazil’s gaming regulatory agency. Betting agents will also be included in the structure. The National Register of the Prohibited (RENAPRO) will also be developed to detect and ban problem gamblers. A vote on the measure will take place in today’s Senate session (February 24). Upon approval, President Jair Bolsonaro must then ratify the bill before it can become law. The Senate has the ability to overturn a veto from President Bolsonaro, and he has said that he intends to do so. When it comes to overriding a veto, the Senate should have the necessary votes. Bill 442/91, which would legalize sports betting in Brazil, was passed by the House of Representatives earlier this week by a vote of 246-202. Currently, in the House of Representatives, the proposal would legalize casino and bingo games, as well as Jogo, do Bicho if it were to succeed. In fact, the legislation was first proposed more than 30 years ago and centered entirely on the drawing game Jogo do Bicho. In the last several years, the legislation has been revised to include more forms of gambling, such as casinos, slot machines, horse racing, and bingo.


Information about the Law The measure aims to enable all of Brazil’s 26 states to build integrated resorts that include a casino. In addition to 토토사이트, casino gambling, restaurants, hotels, and other entertainment may be installed with this sort of choice. In Sao Paulo, three casinos are allowed, while Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, and Minas Gerais each have two options, according to reports. One integrated resort might be added to other Brazilian states. Licensees would have to compete in a bidding war, with the winner receiving the license. There will be a maximum of two licenses per state or five throughout the nation for operators. License fees are set at BRL$600,000 per venue (about $119,700). In order to participate in the internet gambling market, one must spend BRL$600,000 in license fees. The license fee for a bingo hall is substantially cheaper at BRL$20,000. Operators of Jogo de Bicho pay the same price as those of bingo. Unlicensed websites will be forbidden from offering online gambling in Brazil, which will enable licensed sites. A country’s permitted iGaming operators must have their own servers on-site. Added Information In addition to the licensing costs, the Act also prohibits credit-based gaming. Operators will not be able to provide players with a credit line. Taxes on wins will be capped at 15%. If the bill is passed, a new gaming regulatory body called SINAJ will be established in Brazil. A government registration, a supervisory body, and betting agents will be provided by the organization. Additionally, a compulsive gambling assistance program will be put up in Brazil. For the time being, the bill is in the hands of the Senate. In order for it to become law, President Jair Bolsonaro must ratify it. It is possible for the Senate to override the president’s veto of the law, which he has said he would do.